Transform Your Written Words into Captivating Audiobooks with AI

Experience the Future of Audiobook Creation with Speechki & BookBaby
Are you an author looking to give your readers a dynamic and immersive listening experience? Look no further!
Speechki is here to revolutionize your audiobook production process. Partnering with the trusted self-publishing platform, BookBaby.

We bring you an AI-powered solution that creates natural-sounding audiobooks from your text.

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Unlock the Earning Potential of Your Audiobooks
New revenue stream
Expand your income opportunities by offering your content in audio format. Capture the attention of busy readers who prefer listening to books on-the-go.
Rapidly growing market
Audiobook sales have been consistently growing year over year. By creating an audiobook version of your work, you’ll gain access to this thriving market and reach more customers.
Increased visibility
Audiobooks can boost your overall book sales and visibility, as they appeal to a wider audience and can generate more reviews and recommendations.
Our Features
We provide a range of features that can help you turn your written content into captivating audiobooks with the help of AI
Our partnership ensures a smooth and hassle-free audiobook publishing experience, making it easier than ever to share your work with the world.
Seamless integration with BookBaby
Reach a wider audience by offering your audiobook in various languages and accents. With Speechki, the possibilities are endless.
Multiple languages and accents
Enjoy the benefits of professional audiobook creation without breaking the bank. Our competitive pricing makes it an affordable choice for authors.
Say goodbye to long production times. With Speechki, you’ll receive your audiobook in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional narrations.
Quick turnaround
Our cutting-edge technology generates human-like voices that engage listeners and bring your story to life.
High-quality AI narration
Listen to the quality and versatility of our AI-generated voices:
Male voice
American accent
Male voice
American accent
Female voice
American accent
Female voice
American accent

And 400+ more
available for you audiobook

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